Live: CSS

Digital, Brighton

Sunday 21 August 2011

Read the article here on The Argus’ website.

Brazilians disco-rockers CSS began their latest tour in the baking confines of Digital on Sunday night, and almost tore the roof off it with a pulsating set of both new and old tracks to leave an exhausted crowd ecstatic.

Cansei de Ser Sexy – or ‘tired of being sexy’ – ensured that this was no gentle Sunday amble, and lead singer Luísa Hanae Matsushita (better known as ‘Lovefoxxx’ on stage) was without doubt the focal point of the night – with a leather jacket, bouffant hairstyle and electric blue eyeliner, she looked like a glam-electro version of Daryl Hannah’s replicant ‘Pris’ from Blade Runner. From the outset she commanded the audience’s gaze, and never let up. As early as the third song, Lovefoxxx wandered into the crowd and attempted to perform from on top of the bar, only to hit her head and later exclaim that “I usually feel like going to the bar if it’s close but the ceiling’s a bit low.” When she later tore off her trousers to reveal blue cut-offs, the audience erupted and screamed for more tracks, and more dancing.

As the night progressed, the band worked themselves into a feverish pace; hits like “Let’s Make Love…’ got a fantastic reception, while new track Hits Me Like A Rock (with guest vocals on the record from Bobby Gillespie) also got a great response.

While they are touring a new record, it’s clear that for whatever commercial success CSS may gain, they are happiest when on stage. The affection between the band members is genuine, and as Lovefoxxx declared that “You are nothing without your friends”, it’s clear that she was talking as much about her own band as she was about the audience.

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