Single review: Le Rev ‘Lucky You’

Le Rev

Lucky You


Release: Two Black Cats, 5 December 2010

‘Lucky You’ is a genuinely intriguing track from Le Rev, the LA duo composed of CC Sheffield and Nico Chiotellis. It hints at a band with genuine promise, but one can’t escape the feeling that there’s a fantastic song lurking somewhere within this one that never quite escapes. The first 15 seconds of the track are a statement of pure intent, with a spine-tingling guitar line from Chiotellis that’s perfectly complimented by an off-beat drum intro. This is followed by the alluring voice of CC Sheffield and excellent guitar work underpinning the verse, which all points to a band that are both confident and talented.

It’s a shame that, when everything about the middle-eight practically begs for the song to explode into life, they revert back to the first verse, which feels a little on the safe side; it disappoints, but only in the sense that the obvious potential isn’t fully realised. Sheffield sings on the track: “There’s more to me than you’ll ever see”, and on the basis of this track, there’s enough here to recommend Le Rev – but just seeing a little more of what they could do would have turned this from a good song into a great one.

Also included is a remix of the track; usually remixes seem like a mere afterthought, but the eRNEST&AMz remix of ‘Lucky You’ is genuinely fantastic, and highly recommended in its own right.

Check out the video for the single here.

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